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Tools to Help Women Thrive in All Areas of Life

Eda Schottenstein helps women who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities become their best, most authentic selves

Author and mentor Eda Schottenstein calls upon her formal education in the field of psychology and her unique life experiences to offer research-backed tips for today’s Multi-Role Woman™.

A Multi-Role Woman is…

* Juggling multiple roles.
* Growth oriented.
* Looking to build self-awareness.
* Ready to improve her life.

“By focusing on issues like authentic living and mental health awareness,” says Eda, “we can begin to reframe worries about being ‘stuck’ in our lives, or feeling like we’re not enough in spite of our accomplishments — common issues that Multi-Role Women struggle with. At our core, no matter who we are or what we’ve accomplished, we all strive to find balance in our lives and live wholeheartedly — though we may not be consciously aware of this.”

Moving from “Why” to “How”

Eda is educating and supporting women with multiple roles in reclaiming their lives and experiences. She does this by providing realistic and attainable roadmaps for success, including specific tools, resources, and strategies for moving toward wholesome and intentional living — all inside an environment that promotes growth and self-awareness.

“My goal is to use the knowledge, talents, and skills I have to improve women’s lives,” says Eda.

Her new book, “You Got This: 21-Day Mental Wealth Challenge,” offers readers an easy-to-follow action guide that anyone can use to reclaim their sense of personal wellness in as little as three weeks.

De-stigmatizing Mental Health Challenges

We are all impacted by mental health issues, even if we don’t know it explains Eda: “With one in five people in the world today having a diagnosable mental health issue, this affects everyone. Even those who don’t personally struggle with a mental health issue are surrounded by family members, friends, people driving down the road alongside us, babysitting our children, sitting in the same classroom, teaching, offering medical services, and so on. We often simply aren’t aware of their struggles.”

People living amongst us with mental health challenges are living in silence in a climate that views these struggles with a “them not us “ mentality. Without directly making an effort to shift this, our society unconsciously — and sometimes consciously — allows this silencing to continue. Diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) at age 27, Eda is on a mission to help end mental health stigmatization for good.

“Yes, the conversation has started, but we need to keep talking about it,” says Eda. “It’s time to finally end the stigmas about mental health. Let’s talk about depression, OCD, ADHD, and so on like we talk about a stomachache or a headache. Suicide rates have gone up so much, yet we've got everything that we need right now to make a positive impact on this. It’s time to use our knowledge and resources to respond powerfully and compassionately and make a difference.”

PRESS RELEASE 11/26/19 CEO and Founder of Multi-Role WomanTM Launches Online Press Kit

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